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OmniTech  is affiliated to the leading Midis Group.

For over 40 years, Midis Group has been continuously expanding its business in the ICT field, reaching more than 100 autonomous and focused companies, with the contribution of over 4000 highly-skilled resources, based in countries of the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Midis Group has developed successful and prosperous enterprises in many of the world’s most challenging markets. Its organizational structure and solid financial capabilities made Midis Group the ideal partner of the leading IT manufacturers and vendors expanding the markets they serve, reaching to clients who are actively seeking suppliers that offer proven expertise and commitment.

OmniTech’s first subsidiary started its business in 1995 in partnership with IBM. Building on this success and in line with the entrepreneurial spirit of the group, OmniTech has expanded the business relation with IBM to new territories and added more vendors to its portfolio, complementing its offering to the markets it is addressing.


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